Tim Cook announces return to Apple offices, but employees are furious


With the Covid-19 situation gradually improving, more and more companies have announced that employees can finally return to their offices . While from some points of view it may be positive news, it must be said that we are talking about rather restrictive obligations, which in fact have created many problems with Apple employees , with some who in certain cases have even threatened to quit due to what has been confirmed.


There is specific talk of the need – as confirmed by Tim Cook – to go to the office at least once every week starting from 11 April , with everything that will increase to two times from 2 May and three times from 23 May. The pages of the New York Post have also reported some rants from employees who have bitterly complained about the matter, highlighting various problems related to the situation and how actually it is not good news.

Following Tim Cook ‘s statement , employees will have to travel to offices on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with Wednesday and Friday anticipated to be “flexible”, with up to four weeks a year currently being chosen to work completely from home. In reality, Apple’s decision is even softer than others, such as Google, which has already confirmed the return for three days a week starting Monday.

At the moment, we do not know if the reactions will lead to actual changes, or if after Tim Cook’s orders the situation will be identical, thus leading employees to comply with the variable return to office directives, which could in fact change following the number of infections that will occur over the next few months.






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