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TikTok works on paid videos: so content creators will be able to ‘milk’ their fans

TikTok works on paid videos: so content creators will be able to ‘milk’ their fans.


According to new rumors, TikTok is working on a new feature designed to help creators monetize their content. In short: tomorrow the social network will allow the creation of paid content, and therefore visible only after paying a one-off fee or having subscribed to the creator’s channel (in short, on the Patreon or Onlyfans model).


TikTok may be using a simple strategy to keep growing: helping creators earn extra cash. According to The Information, TikTok is developing a paywall feature that would allow producers to charge $1 (or whatever price they choose) to access a particular video. Furthermore, the social network is considering a change to its Creator Fund to increase earnings for influencers.

While it’s unclear when the paywall feature will be available, the new Creator Fund could launch as early as March. Meanwhile TikTok has to deal with a decidedly more priority issue. TikTok’s growth in the US could be hampered by national security concerns and allegations of Chinese government espionage and propaganda through the app. More and more politicians are clamoring for the Government to give ByteDance, the company that controls the platform, the same treatment given to Huawei, the former Chinese smartphone giant decapitated by the aggressive sanctions approved by the Trump administration.


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