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TikTok Introduces Full Screen Video: Should YouTube Shake?


TikTok is now aiming to steal the turf from YouTube . The popular social network that has been raging among generation Z for years (and not only) has introduced a new type of content: these are videos in landscape mode, i.e. full screen and developed horizontally (just like those of the Google platform).


In short, after all the rival social networks have tried to replicate the success of TikTok by introducing short videos in portrait (vertical) format, now it’s the turn of the ByteDanche platform, determined to go on the counterattack and steal content creators and viewers to competitors.

Moreover, recently TikTok had also introduced photos, essentially replicating the main feature of Instagram. In TikTok, short videos are starting to feel tight and it is clear that the social network wants to establish itself as a complete and 360-degree platform, capable of addressing a heterogeneous user who is not necessarily interested in micro-entertainment. Added to this are the live broadcasts, which have been present on TikTok for several years now.

For the moment the landscape mode is still an experiment: by clicking on the appropriate button it is possible to play the videos in horizontal format . These are normal videos, by the way, and not videos loaded natively to play this way.


We are quite certain that it is only a small step in a direction that should scare YouTube: probably, once the testing phase is over, TikTok will allow you to upload videos designed to be played exclusively in landscape format. In this way the ByteDance platform would directly address the same content creators who today mainly publish on YouTube. Couple this with a more aggressive monetization initiative, and it’s easy to imagine an exodus of content creators from YouTube to TikTok.



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