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TikTok collaborates with 13 different fact-checking institutes. In Italy he chose Facta News


TikTok declares war on fake news , thanks to a small legion of moderators and the collaboration with 13 different partners in charge of facilitating fact-checking activities on social media. This is what the Italian division of TikTok told La Repubblica.

We continually invest in training our moderator teams to enforce the application of our Guidelines. We have thousands of security professionals around the world working together with technology that helps us identify content that potentially does not meet the Guidelines

a spokesperson for the social network explained to the Italian newspaper.

Overall, the 13 external partners selected by TikTok for the fact-checking activity cover the contents published in 33 different languages, for a total of 64 different countries. As for Italy, ByteDance has chosen to work together with the Facta News agency .

Artificial intelligence, yes, but moderation work is monitored by real employees. Whenever a user receives an order, you can appeal. The practice is always reviewed by a moderator , who can choose whether to confirm the ban or reverse it.


In the future, TikTok will open its moderation process to researchers, who will be able to access and study the data produced by the social network. Among other things, researchers will be able to simulate the upload of content to analyze how they are treated by AI and moderators, in addition they will also be able to access the blacklist of keywords prohibited by the application.



  • Fight against fake news and moderation, TikTok: “We collaborate with 13 partners for fact-checking in 64 countries” (


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