Thousands commemorate the ‘Hollywood Cat’

Thousands of people attended a memorial service for Los Angeles’ famous mountain lion P-22, who was put to sleep last December due to age-related health problems.

Thousands commemorate the ‘Hollywood Cat.

More than 40 people, including activists and scientists, gave speeches in memory of the Mountain Lion, Nicknamed “Hollywood Cat”, At The Event Held At The Greek Theater In The City, Which Lasted More Than 3 Hours. The cat, who was thought to be 12 years old when put to sleep, became famous when a photograph was taken in front of the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, USA Published In National Geographic Magazine. P-22 was first spotted in 2012 in Griffith Park, which is thought to be too small to house a predator. State wildlife officials euthanized the mountain lion, which was found to be suffering from chronic health problems, late last year.



Thousands commemorate the 'Hollywood Cat'



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