Thought: take example from children to be better

Thought: take example from children to be better.


Man, by his nature, is inclined to think outside the box.

A stone can become a diamond and a stick a magic wand, however, more and more frequently, educational and social models, and even the family itself, encourage the child to favor his rational side, the ordinary thinking that drives him to solve problems by adopting pre-established methods that are the same for everyone. Lateral thinking is thus set aside to leave room for the so-called vertical thinking, that is, that sequence of direct and logical steps that are used to reach a specific conclusion, without assuming a divergence of paths, therefore short-sighted in the way of interpreting the world.

Silvia Caldironi, psychologist 

Here they will grow more and more adults mutilated of their original creativity, brought instead by lateral thinking. This is because we are driven to use only vertical thinking made up of rigid pre-established schemes. Instead, it is important to experiment with one’s limits in a society that wants us to be perfect and in line with precise models. A way to avoid being trapped in examples imposed by most individuals. So how do you awaken lateral thinking given that we are forced to use the vertical and drier one?


It would be enough to start experimenting again: for example, take a jam jar and make a candle holder out of it. Take a cue from children to observe how they relate to objects. Then start using new neural tracks or take roads that seemed abandoned. 


You will begin to experience new sensations because you will create innovative paths of thought . Children can help us grow up. We think like children to grow up, but above all to rediscover that little boy in us, as the great poet Giovanni Pascoli said.


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