Thirteenth: who is it addressed to?


The thirteenth is an additional month ‘s salary on the monthly salary . The payment of the thirteenth month is made by employers to their employees and by INPS to pensioners. A deferred salary is accumulated month by month by the person concerned who receives it in a single installment. it is also a right of workers with a fixed-term contract. 


Every employee who has signed a subordinate employment contract has the right to receive the thirteenth salary. It is up to cleaners, caregivers, pensioners, regardless of the monthly payslips. Those who receive a social allowance or an invalidity pension also receive the thirteenth. Here is who is entitled to the thirteenth month:

  • private employees
  • civil servants
  • permanent contract workers
  • workers with fixed-term contracts
  • part-time contract workers

It is usually disbursed in December of each year, it can be paid monthly in installments. A method that favors small businesses in difficulty to pay the thirteenth month to all employees in December. Each month the employee sets aside one twelfth of the additional month’s salary. However, the worker acquires this right only if he has worked for at least 15 days during the month.

Holidays do not affect the accrual of the thirteenth month. The gross monthly salary must be multiplied by the number of months worked. The sum must be divided by twelve. In addition to the gross salary , seniority increments , contingency allowances or contractual holiday treatment are added. 

  • Thirteenth: who arrives and how much they are entitled to (


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