Thirteenth 2022: that’s when it arrives


Here we are, here is the thirteenth of 2022 on the December slip, the additional month ‘s salary will reach over 17 million employees. The practice is payment on December 15th, there are those who pay it around Christmas and other companies advance their December salary to 19-20. The additional monthly payment arrives in a pay slip or in a separate slip. Here are some reference dates for the payment of the thirteenth month due to all private and public fixed-term and permanent employees:

  • December 14: Nursery and elementary school teachers
  • December 15: administrative personnel from the provincial treasury directorates 
  • December 16: substitute teaching staff and other civil servants

Para-subordinate workers ( and other categories), as well as self-employed workers and professionals do not have a thirteenth salary. The thirteenth month’s salary is equivalent to 1/12 of the annual salary , or one month’s salary. The thirteenth salary is lower than the salary, because it is taxed more. Personal income tax is higher and you end up with a little less money. The expensive bills, mortgages and taxes will “lighten” the thirteenth 2022 of the Italians. 22% of the total of thirteenths will be used by families for the items “consumption” and “savings”. Great uncertainty, however, remains about Christmas. One in 3 families is ready to cut consumption during the upcoming holidays. 

  • Thirteenth, here we are: when it arrives and why it is lower than the salary (


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