They even searched Melania’s wardrobe

It turned out that during the FBI raid on former US President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, all the cameras were turned off, the employees at the house were removed from the area, and even Melania Trump’s closet was searched.

The echoes of the FBI ‘s (American Federal Bureau of Investigation) search of former US President Donald Trump ‘S Mansion In Mar-A-Lago Continue. On Monday, Trump announced that his home in Palm Beach, Florida, was searched by the FBI in a “sudden raid”.


“Such an attack can only happen in third world countries,” said Trump, adding, “This is an attack by the radical left-wing Democrats who don’t want me to run for president in 2024.”


Trump stated that even a private safe in his house was broken and searched during the raid, and compared it to the ‘Watergate Scandal’ that took place during the then US President Richard Nixon administration between 1972 and 1974. Stating that his lawyers were blocked by FBI agents during the search, Trump announced yesterday that the cameras were turned off and all the officers in his house were removed. “I hope the agents didn’t smuggle evidence into my house,” Trump said. Meanwhile, while Trump and his family were returning to the FBI raided mansion a day after the operation, it was revealed that even the wardrobe of former First Lady Melania Trump was searched. Agents also searched Melania Trump’s master bedroom, known as the ‘Versailles Hall’, which she renovated two years ago, according to the New York Post.


While the FBI did not make a statement on the subject, the US press wrote that the search was related to some confidential documents lost in the White House. An investigation is underway into whether Trump brought classified records to his Florida residence during his term at the White House. By law, confidential presidential documents must be forwarded to the National Archives. However, although Trump returned some documents at the beginning of the year, he has not returned all of them. These documents are estimated to be transcripts of Trump’s meetings during his presidency. It is stated that the search carried out by the FBI in the 128-room Mar-a-Lago mansion on Monday lasted 9 hours, and 30 agents participated in the search.



Donald Trump went to the prosecutor’s office yesterday as part of the New York state’s attorney general’s investigation into allegations of fraud at his family business. In a statement on his own social media application, Truth Social, Trump stated that he was in Leticia James’s office to testify. Claiming that James is “a racist trying to take over Trump,” Trump said, “My big company and I are being attacked from all sides. Banana republic!” he wrote. Trump said he was exercising his right not to speak within the framework of the investigation under Article 5 of the Constitution. James suspects that the Trump Organization fraudulently overestimates the value of real estate properties when applying for bank loans, while underplaying it to pay less in taxes. While the Trump family denied the allegations, claims that the investigation was conducted with political motives. If James finds any evidence of financial misconduct, he can sue the Trump Organization for damages, but cannot file a criminal complaint as it is a civil investigation.


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