Thermal water: the benefits for the skin


The thermal waters are a sort of regenerative miracle for our health, truly ideal for the winter season. A weekend at the spa is relaxing but also healthy. The beneficial properties can change according to the geographical area where the thermal waters are located:

  • magnesium, regenerates and heals the skin
  • silicon, compacts and tones the skin 
  • copper, with anti-inflammatory action
  • iron, oxygenating action
  • zinc, guarantees the development of cells and their accelerated turnover
  • calcium, protective function
  • manganese, antioxidant action

Thermal water is often extracted from the source and used in spray form so as not to modify its organic characteristics. Among its main properties are the soothing and refreshing ones for hydration and redness. The importance is also the tonic action which increases the luminosity and health of the skin. It has anti- inflammatory and soothing properties for eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. It also protects against aggressive external agents and pollution. Another function is to replenish the skin with the liquids lost during training. 

The thermal water is used to relieve heaviness and swelling of the legs. It also benefits the intestines, joints (osteoporosis and rheumatism), the immune system and breathing. The thermal water promotes sleep and relaxation . It also has useful characteristics for counteracting aging and benefits for chronic-relapsing ENT and upper respiratory tract pathologies. Spending a day at the spa activates the exfoliation of the epidermis and regulates the production of sebum. 

  • Thermal water: what are the benefits for the skin (


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