There are three possibilities in the suspected accident

The helicopter carrying Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Manastirski and his deputies to the front crashed between an apartment and a kindergarten near Kyiv. In the incident, 9 people died, including the minister on the aircraft. On the ground, 5 people, including a child, died. Authorities are considering three possibilities, including sabotage.

A rather suspicious tragedy occurred in Ukraine near the capital, Kyiv. Yesterday morning, the “Eurocopter” type helicopter belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine crashed into the garden of a kindergarten for an unknown reason. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the deputy minister and the secretary of the ministry, who were in the helicopter in the accident, died, while three of the children in the kindergarten lost their lives. According to the latest determinations, 14 people died in the accident. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski has instructed all security services regarding the crash of the helicopter and demanded that the cause of the accident be revealed to the smallest detail.



There are three possibilities in the suspected accident

Denis Manastirski



The Helicopter Crash that led to the disaster took place at around 08:20 yesterday morning in the town of Bravari, near the capital, Kiev. The helicopter, which set off from Kiev to reach the front, was on board the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Manastirski, Deputy Minister Yevgeniy Yen and Ministry Secretary Yuriy Lyubkovic. According to the residents of the town of Bravari, they first heard the sound of the helicopter in the morning twilight.



The aircraft was traveling from a very low altitude in dense fog. Immediately after, a ball of flame was seen rising to the sky with a loud explosion sound. The helicopter belonging to the Ministry of Interior fell between a 9-storey apartment building and a 2-storey kindergarten building right next to it. The kindergarten building caught fire due to the spilled fuel. After the fire was extinguished about two hours later, the balance sheet of the accident was announced.


 Kyiv regional governor Aleksey Kuleba announced that the Minister of Internal Affairs, his deputies and crew, namely 9 people in total, lost their lives at the scene. It was stated that five people, including a child, were killed on the ground. It was reported that 25 people, including 11 children, were injured.

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office also made a statement regarding the helicopter accident, saying, “All our inspectors started to investigate the cause of the accident at the scene. Three possibilities for the disaster are discussed. The first is pilot error. Second, the possibility of sabotage taking into account the people on board the aircraft. The third option is that there was a technical problem with the aircraft due to bad weather conditions.


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski also issued a statement regarding the helicopter crash and said, “I express my deepest sorrow and condolences to the relatives of our colleagues who lost their lives and to the families who lost their children. I have instructed all the relevant ministries and security services in our country to investigate the cause of the accident to the finest detail and to reveal it as soon as possible.


There are three possibilities in the suspected accident



The helicopter that crashed near Kyiv, now known as “Airbus Helicopters H225” and formerly known as “Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma”, has a criminal history. According To Ukrainian media, the helicopter that crashed was given to Ukraine by France a few years ago because it caused constant trouble. The most common fault in the helicopter is the transmission problem, which transmits power to the main propeller, due to a design error. This type of helicopter crashed in Scotland twice in one year in 2012. In 2016, the same model aircraft crashed in Norway, killing 13 people. France started to deliver these helicopters to Ukraine since 2018.


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