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The Witcher, revealed the first details of a new Netflix spin-off series

Netflix would already be working on a new spin-off series of The Witcher dedicated to Rats.

The universe of The Witcher TV series produced by Netflix seems to want to continue to expand: in addition to the usual main seasons, the streaming giant is in fact preparing spin-offs specifically to deepen all its characters.


The rich cast of characters is, after all, one of the keys to the success not only achieved by the show, but also by the respective novels and even by the famous CD Projekt video games (find The Witcher III on the Black Friday offer on Amazon ).

After already announcing a prequel that seems to be very different from what fans might expect, a new report teases that another live-action spin-off series is already in development, whose protagonists may be less known or loved by fans . .


The always well-informed Redanian Intelligence reports that the next spin-off series of The Witcher should focus mainly on the Rats , a gang of young Nilfgaardian criminals that Ciri will join for a short period of time.

In fact, the Rats will appear in episodes 7 and 8 of the third season , but will also play a more important role in the fourth season : the new spin-off should therefore help fans get to know this intriguing young band better.


At the moment we don’t know if it will also be a prequel series , like Blood Origin , or if instead it will be set simultaneously with the events narrated in the current seasons, but if the indiscretion were confirmed we should expect a great effort to allow fans to get to know these characters in depth.


In fact, the Rats are not particularly appreciated or known by the general public, so if Ciri will actually have to spend most of the episodes in their company, an in-depth study could prove to be the right move. For the moment, we invite you to take everything with due precautions pending further official announcements or updates from Netflix.

For the moment, the production has had to deal with the farewell of Henry Cavill: Geralt of Rivia will in fact be replaced by Liam Hemsworth, as is now known. News that has saddened all the fans and even the “real” Geralt of video games, to the point that the petition to ask Netflix to bring him back is now out of control .


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