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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, everything you need to know about the free update


CD Projekt RED spoke up and, today, patch 4.0 was released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , a 2015 video game that is still highly enjoyable, being one of the best Action RPGs ever. The new version, promised several months ago, is completely free for all owners of the game, in any version (standard, GOTY or Complete Edition) and on any platform (PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) and brings with it a Lots of changes and improvements.


The most hyped, of course, concerns the enhancement of the graphic aspect: everything was born from the desire to create a new version of the game for next-gen consoles, but instead of a remaster sold at the price of the new one, the update was made free for all systems, thus ensuring a huge return of old and new players on a now technically dated but always (rightly) loved title.
Depending on the game system, the improvements are of a different nature, and clearly the improvements are more noticeable on the “next”-gen and high-end PCs (although it seems that the settings, on PC, are still to be reviewed because many reports are reporting bugs and anomalies) but the final result wants to be spectacular and completely renew the graphic aspect of the title.
All this, among other things, making many fan-mods released over the years canonical, revised and corrected, to improve textures, lighting, environmental effects and much more, such as for example a new closer view and a truly double Quality/Performance setting. welcome.
Also available are new character skins inspired by the Netflix TV series with Henry Cavill.

Also not to be underestimated are some improvements to the quality of life of the game, with for example some renewed additional controls to more easily cast the “signs” from Witcher. We have also added some new missions and other surprises for you to discover, as well as a brand new Photo mode. Moreover, it will be possible to play the same adventure on different platforms, bringing the cloud save to play, depending on the situation, on different systems.

The patch, as we said, is free: simply search for the update after installing the game. On PlayStation 5 make sure you download the specific PS5 version from PlayStation Store: if you just update the PS4 version you will get the PS4 Pro update, basically.
If, on the other hand, you don’t own the game yet but want to try your luck (and your dexterity) there’s no better time than this to try it: the game (along with all the others in the saga) is currently heavily discounted (until 80%) on all online stores, as you can find out from this link.


Here are all the news in detail:


PC exclusives and next-gen version

Added global illumination and ray traced ambient occlusion.
Additionally, PC gamers with compatible hardware have an additional option to enable ray-traced reflections and shadows.
Added a variety of mods and mod-inspired content to improve the graphics and overall quality of the game. We’ve included some community-made and loved mods, as well as our own internal tweaks, such as environment and cinematic improvements, realistic flooring, and many decorative upgrades.
Community-created and inspired mods include:


• The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by HalkHogan

• Denroth’s HD Monsters Reworked

• Immersive Real-time Cutscenes by teiji25


• Chuckcash Nitpicker’s Patch

• World Map Fixes by Terg500

Upscaled to 4K textures for various characters, including Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, Ciri, Eredin, and more.
All major characters, including Geralt, now cast high-resolution shadows on themselves even outside of cinematics. Also, hair clipping through armor and other armor clipping issues have been fixed.

Environmental improvements:

• Added a new type of weather: “Grey Sky”

• Updated sky textures

• Vegetation and water improvements

• Various model improvements

• Improved some specific graphic effects

• Updated global ambient lighting

Added support for AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) 2.1.
Added Photo Mode, which allows players to take great photos in the world of The Witcher 3.
Added the option to pause the game during cutscenes and cutscenes.
Added an alternative camera option that brings it closer to the character and reacts more dynamically to combat and movement. You can find this new setting in Options → Gameplay, under Exploration Look Distance, Combat Look Distance, and Mounted Look Distance.

PC specific modifications

Added “ULTRA+” graphics setting on PC, which significantly increases the visual fidelity of the game. The ULTRA+ graphics settings affect:

• The number of characters in the background

• The quality of the shadows

• The density of the grass

• The quality of the textures

• The visibility distance of the foliage

• The quality of the land

• The quality of the water

• The level of detail

Added support for DLSS 3, available only on compatible hardware.

Specific changes for next generation consoles

Improved the overall quality of graphics on next-gen consoles, including improved textures, improved visual fidelity, shadow quality, draw distance, and crowd density.

  • Ray Traced Mode
    Provides ray-traced global illumination and ambient occlusion with dynamic resolution scaling at 30fps on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Performance Mode
    Delivers smoother 60fps gameplay with dynamic resolution scaling for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series S version does not have ray tracing functionality. Quality mode offers higher resolution and better image fidelity at 30fps, while Performance mode targets 60fps and prioritizes smoother gameplay over graphical quality.
Implemented the use of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for the PS5 DualSense controller.
Added timesheets for PS5.

  • Online Features (All Platforms)

Added cross-platform progress. The most recent saves will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, so that you can resume your game on other platforms as well. Cross-platform progress provides the last save for each save type. This feature is available after logging in with your account.
By signing up for MY REWARDS in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players can receive:

• Swords of the Nine-Tailed Fox

• Armor of the White Tiger of the West

• Dol Blathanna armor set

• Rutilia card

Detailed information on how to redeem your rewards will be available at .

Additional content (all platforms)

Added a new side quest, In the Shadow of Eternal Fire, in Velen. The rewards are inspired by the Netflix series The Witcher.
Added an alternate appearance for Dandelion inspired by The Witcher Netflix series. You can enable it in Options → Game.
Added alternate Nilfgaardian armor inspired by The Witcher Netflix series. You can enable it in Options → Game.
Added Chinese and Korean voiceovers. Available on consoles by region.

Miscellaneous Quality of Experience Changes (All Platforms)

Added a quick cast option for Signs. Allows you to switch and cast Signs without opening the radial menu. You can find it in Options → Game.
Added a new default map filter. The new filter hides some icons like question marks and boats to reduce icon crowding on the map. These icons can be reactivated with the “All” option.
Adjusted the minimum height for fall damage; Geralt can now survive falls from greater heights.
Herbs can now be harvested immediately with a single interaction, without opening the additional loot window.
Added options that dynamically hide the minimap and quest objectives when not in combat or using Witcher senses. You can find them in Options → Video → Interface Setup → Hide minimap while exploring and Hide objectives while exploring.
Added the option to walk slowly when playing with a controller. You can now slow down walking by tilting the left stick just a little.
Added an alternate shooting mode option when playing with a controller. It is activated by pressing the left stick. You can find it in Options → Command Settings.
Added an option that makes target lock unaffected by camera flip. You can find it in Options → Command Settings.
Improved the radial menu so that bombs, bolts and usable items can now be dynamically switched without opening the inventory.
Added option to scale fonts for subtitles, NPC chatter and dialogue choices. You can find it in Options → Video → Interface Setup.
Added various other small fixes and changes, including some secrets that we will let the players discover.

Gameplay (all platforms)

Added Flash_in_the_flesh Full Combat Rebalance 3 mod, which includes balance changes and various gameplay fixes. We have taken care of the integration of this mod, with some elements further optimized than what you will find in the mod by default, while other elements have been omitted.
Treasure Hunt: School of the Wolf Gear – Fixed an issue where the chest in the signal tower could not be opened.
From Ofier’s Far Shores – Fixed an issue where the diagram in the Bandit Hideout chest could be missing.
Hard Times – Fixed an issue where Geralt could not speak or deliver the letter to the blacksmith.
Fast as the West Winds – Fixed an issue where the mission could sometimes fail despite Geralt winning the horse race.
Echoes from the Past – Fixed an issue where, after defeating the foglets, the quest could freeze and Yennefer could not be spoken to.
The Wine War – Fixed an issue where the quest could not be completed if the player destroyed one of the required monster nests while exploring.
Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances it was not possible to clear the ruined tavern located on the southern coast of Ard Skellig.
Fixed an issue where the Grandmaster Wolf set did not require masterwork items.
Various minor fixes to missions and cutscenes.



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