The University of Turin pays homage to the first woman graduate in medicine


The unveiling ceremony of the marble portrait in memory of Maria Velleda Farnè took place in the Monumental Staircase of the Palazzo del Rettorato. She was the first woman to obtain a degree in Medicine and Surgery in Turin in 1878, the second in the Kingdom of Italy. Three hundred years after the opening of the University building via Po, the marble work of Maria Velleda Farnè has been included among the reformers of education.


The work was created in Carrara by the master craftsman Michele Monfroni, then finding a place along the monumental staircase leading to the Aula Magna. The name of the underpass between Corso Grosseto and Corso Potenza was recently approved . Maria Velleda Farnè is originally from Bologna. She then she emigrated to Piedmont, where she enrolled in 1873 she enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Turin. In 1878 she graduated, then she moved to Rome, appointed in 1881 honorary doctor of Queen Margherita of Savoy. She never married and died in 1905 in the house of her relatives, near Turin.

The inauguration was attended by: Giulia Carluccio, Vice-Rector of the University of Turin, Mia Caielli, President of the CUG of the University of Turin, Elena Bigotti, Trusted Councilor of the University of Turin. Also participating were Chiara Rollero, CirsDe Director of the University of Turin and Paola Novaria, University Historical Archive, author of a biography on Maria Velleda Farnè.

  • Maria Velleda Farnè: unveiled the marble work dedicated to the first graduate of the University of Turin (


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