“The Ukraine War: Regional and Global Impacts” workshop was held

According to the statement made by the Presidency Spokesperson, the workshop, which was held under the chairmanship of Presidential Spokesperson and Deputy Chairman of the Security and Foreign Policy Board İbrahim Kalın at Çankaya Mansion, was attended by committee members, academics, think tank representatives, business people and experts.


In the workshop where the regional and global effects of the Russia-Ukraine war, Turkey’s position and the role it has taken were comprehensively discussed, developments in the field, changes in the geopolitical balances that occurred after the war, crises in the energy, food and supply chain, the effect of the war on the global security architecture, the possible consequences of war. nuclear threat, the position of the EU and the USA were evaluated.

In the workshop where different scenarios were discussed regarding the course of the Russia-Ukraine war, it was pointed out that the prolongation and deepening of the war would cause great costs in global stability, economy, energy, food security and other areas.

In the workshop, which emphasized the importance of Turkey’s diplomatic initiatives in this process, attention was drawn to Turkey’s critical role in the prisoner exchange and extending the grain agreement.

In the workshop, where it was evaluated that this should constitute a basis for a ceasefire, it was stated that diplomatic efforts should be increased to open the diplomatic path for a solution based on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to revitalize the negotiations.

It was underlined that it is essential to focus on honorable exit formulas that both sides can accept in order to end the war, and the diplomatic role that Turkey can play for a solution, depending on the new conditions that the course of the war will create, was discussed.


In the workshop, which was emphasized as the first priority to stop the Ukrainian war, it was noted that preparations should be made for a possible change in the global security architecture according to the new power balances that may occur after the war.


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