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The smart pillow that moves your head when you’re snoring

Nitetronic Z6 monitors sleep and use a silent and soft system to promote the right position.

Nitetronic Z6 is a special, smart, anti-snoring pillow that seeks to solve in an intelligent and technological way one of the most age-old problems of married life, i.e. a partner who snores: we spend about a third of our lives sleeping and rest can be the source of many problems, even for bed-sharing if the other person systematically snores. One of the most practical methods is to favor a side position of the head, but often we end up waking up the snorer and so Nitetronic Z6 is proposed as an automatic solution which on the one hand constantly monitors the movements and on the other uses a soft and silent to move the head. 


The structure of Nitetronic Z6 is onion-shaped with various layers formed by memory foam and cotton cover on the outside, while inside there are small motors that are used to inflate six air chambers arranged along the entire width of the cushion, which they can swell to raise the sleeper’s head; the electronic components with the sensors are housed in a control unit to be placed on the bedside table. The operation is very simple: the sensors understand in a few seconds when you start snoring due to a totally supine position of the head, they inflate the air chambers emitting a minimum noise (about 28 decibels) and the head is moved without waking the ‘user. Subsequently, the air is always expelled silently.

The smart pillow that moves your head when you're snoring

The structure of Nitetronic Z6

The sensors can also collect a variety of sleep quality data which they then wirelessly send to your smartphone if you install the companion app so you can receive a comprehensive report every morning and check for improvement or deterioration over the long term. The cotton cover is machine washable and you can adjust the overall height of the cushion by two centimetres. It is still possible to finance the project and receive a non-snoring pillow from March 2023 at a price of 282 euros , or 40% of the future sale price on the markets (about 480 euros).



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