The smart “patch” that monitors and heals wounds in real time


These high-tech bandages, developed by a team led by Stanford University chemical engineer Yuanwen Jiang, were designed to do two things: gather data about the state of a wound or help heal it.


The flexible, battery-free device can monitor wounds in real-time while providing treatment and significantly reducing scar tissue formation. It was designed primarily with chronic injuries in mind.

To monitor wound healing, the device uses impedance (the measurement used to describe how easily electricity flows through a current circuit) and temperature sensors embedded in a wireless circuit. If the device detects that the wound is healing poorly or, worse, has become infected, the central processing unit will deliver increased electrical stimulation through the wound loop to accelerate tissue closure and reduce infection. If the electrical impedance increases and the local temperature decreases , it means that the inflammation is subsiding and the wound is effectively healing . All data from sensors can be monitored wirelessly and in real time via a smartphone application .

Over the electrically active layer is applied a hydrogel, a skin-like polymer that provides electrical healing stimulation and facilitates data collection from sensors. The hydrogel was designed to bond tightly to the wound surface.


It’s all this at just 100 microns thick (equal to that of a single layer of paint).


The researchers, while stressing that before such a technology can be commercialized on a global scale, we need to understand how to reduce costs and solve some long-term data storage problems, on the other hand they state that “It is an active healing device that could transform the standard of care in the treatment of chronic wounds.”


  • Wireless, closed-loop, smart bandage with integrated sensors and stimulators for advanced wound care and accelerated healing. (


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