The regulation that will provide ease of payment in Italy has been shelved

The regulation intended to facilitate cash payments in the draft 2023 fiscal budget in Italy has been shelved. The government, which intervened after the criticism, removed the regulation from the draft completely.

According to the news of the Italian ANSA agency, the regulation, which allows retailers to refuse card payments in amounts up to 60 euros for purchases of goods and services, was removed from the draft by the government after criticisms from the European Union (EU) to the Italian government.


It was stated that removing the controversial regulation from the budget draft discussed on the parliamentary agenda means that retailers will not have the right to refuse cards and demand cash, even for small things like coffee.

He argued that it was in the interest of the bankers

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni argued that the regulation that penalized retailers for refusing to pay by card was in the interest of bankers, during the campaign period before the election of his Brothers of Italy (FdI) party, which won the elections at the end of September.

‘May lead to tax evasion’ criticism



Opposition parties and the Bank of Italy, on the other hand, were criticized that stretching the regulation, which envisages penalties for those who refuse to pay by card, up to 60 euros, could lead to tax evasion.


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