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The Realme 10 Pro in ed. limited “Coca-Cola” will be presented on February 10th

The Realme 10 Pro in ed. limited “Coca-Cola” will be presented on February 10th.


A few days ago, Realme updated its site with the teaser of an upcoming presentation. “Realme is set to get really refreshing“, Reads the banner, which also shows the silhouette of a smartphone wrapped in a liquid of that hyper-recognizable shade between dark and amber typical of Coca-Cola bubbles. In short, it was the confirmation of the existence of the infamous Coca-Cola phone, which had been the subject of some rumors and leaks over the previous days.


We already know many things about the phone, for example we know that it will be a rebranded Realme 10 Pro 5G . In the meantime, even more details have emerged. Realme recently announced that the smartphone will be presented together with Coca-Cola on February 10th .

Also, the phone will be a limited edition product. Just 6,000 will be produced and the packaging – in turn with a Coca-Cola theme -, in addition to the smartphone, will also contain various gadgets, certainly including a card that acts as a certificate of authenticity for the phone and some stickers.

But that doesn’t mean that the initiative isn’t still shrouded in a bit of mystery. For example, we don’t know if the phone will go on sale in all markets. Some previous rumors spoke of an initiative intended exclusively for the Indian market, where realme is very strong. The fact that the promotional material released up to now is in English, and is therefore aimed at an international audience, lights a glimmer of hope, which is however immediately killed by the fact that, currently, the Realme site only gives the possibility of receive updates on the initiative by entering a telephone number with the international prefix +91, i.e. that of India .



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