The Rai license fee remains on the bill


The rumor had recently spread: the Rai license fee could be excluded from the electricity bill. In the end, the rumor was unfounded, because for now, the fee will remain in the bill. The unions ask the new government to intervene.


The rumors of an exclusion of the Rai license fee from the electricity bill are not founded, in light of the long preliminary work in progress. The Pnrr milestone finds its foundation in the need to protect competition in the electricity market and is based on the AGCM proposals, which had not detected any critical issues regarding the payment of the Rai license fee from the point of view of competition on the electricity market. energy, provided that the payment was transparent for the end users. Requirement that is satisfied.

Ministry of Economy and Finance

The entry of the Rai license fee should be abolished, because users have found themselves paying higher bills due to the Renzi government of the time. According to the Codacons, in fact, the time would be ripe to totally abolish the Rai license fee. The fee adds to users ‘ expenses relating to electricity supplies. The tariffs of the last quarter have undergone an increase of +122% compared to the last quarter of 2021.



As you will certainly be aware, the decision of the previous Executive, following a specific resolution by Parliament, has indicated the collection of the Fee in the electricity bill among the improper charges whose permanence will no longer be allowed with effect from 1 January 2023. This decision, given also the proximity in time with the deadline of 31 December 2022, as well as causing a climate of profound uncertainty regarding the methods of financing the Public Radio and Television Service, risks having a disruptive impact on the very future of Rai.

note from the trade unions Sl-Cgil, Fistel-Cisl, Uilcom-Uil, Ugl-Fnc, Snater, Libersind-Confsal, Adrai and Usigrai to the Ministry of Economy and Finance

In summary, the Rai license fee currently remains within the electricity bill. It is not excluded that the protests of the trade unions could lead to future changes and rethinking.

  • The Rai license fee remains on the bill (for now) (


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