The Qur’an was burned in front of the Turkish Embassy… The provocateur’s messages were deciphered! They got into each other

The Qur’an was burned in front of the Turkish Embassy… The provocateur’s messages were deciphered! They got into each other

Chang Frick, who paid for the heinous act of Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, who burned the Quran in Sweden, explained the details of the disgusting provocation. The Swedish press carried the messages between the two on their pages.



Rasmus Paludan, who signed a provocation full of racism and hatred in Sweden, whose NATO membership is dependent on Ankara’s approval, is on the agenda once again.

While The Swedish Prime Minister Took A Step Back After Turkey’s Reaction, The Name Behind Rasmus Paludan , the leader of the Tight Direction Party (Stram Kurs), the architect of the provocation, spoke.

Swedish newspaper Expressen’s news titled ‘Paludan: Burning the Qur’an is not my idea’ contained new information about the scandal.


The news included information that Paludan, the architect of the scandal, claimed that it was not his idea to burn the Qur’an.

It was stated that the idea came from Chang Frick, who paid the show fee. Journalist Frick, on the other hand, said that he first contacted activists who would demonstrate against Erdogan.



Frick emphasized that he said that what he supported was not provoking Muslims, but an act of protest against Turkey. In the news, the image of the messaging between the two was also included.

The journalist put the blame on him, stating that he became aware of Paludan’s scandalous act after he made the payment.

In the news in question, it was written that Frick contacted Paludan via messaging, but they did not discuss the issue of burning the Quran.

Rasmus Paludan, the leader of Sweden’s racist Tight Direction Party (Stram Kurs), known for his far-right views, has both Swedish and Danish citizenship.


Speaking to the country’s press recently, Paludan said, “This is what I thought when I scored against Turkey,” and added; ‘Things didn’t turn out as I imagined.’

Expressen newspaper’s ‘do you regret it?’ The racist politician who asked the question gave the following answer;

‘Oh no. I did this because I think there are important political reasons. I’m sorry that so many people are threatening me with death.’


Stating that he received threatening messages after the provocation he signed, Paludan said, “I receive very concrete threats. “I get about 20 messages per minute, five of which are threats,” he said.

Paludan newspaper’s ‘Are you afraid?’ He gave the following answer to the question:

‘Yes, I can be frightened when someone openly writes that they are going to kill me.’


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