The princess is at the invitation with the rented dress

William’s wife, Princess Catherine, marked the second night of the “Earthshot Prize”, organized by British Crown Prince William and Sir David Attenborough to give five grants each year to ideas, people, and projects aiming to combat global warming.

Short for Kate, she wore a Solace London-style green dress she rented from the British fashion company Hurr. It was stated that Middleton thus gave a message, emphasizing saving and recycling.



According to the news of American Vogue, 1.3 million clothing items have been prevented from being produced since 2010, thanks to Dress Rental Companies. It is stated that this prevents the emission of 254 million liters of water and millions of cubic meters of carbon dioxide. By the way, it was stated that Kate’s choice of green is not a coincidence, and that this color is associated with the environment and the earth. Kate combined this outfit with a necklace that belonged to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana. On the other hand, although Kate prefers some of the clothes she has worn before and wears a Rented dress, it is stated that the total value of her clothes on her trip to the USA, excluding her jewellery, is 50 thousand Dollars (931 thousand TL).


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