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The next iPhone Se may not exist

The uninspiring sales performance of the previous and other cheaper models suggest Apple discontinue the model.

It does not seem so obvious that an iPhone Se 4 could come out in 2024: according to the latest rumors, in fact, Apple is considering the hypothesis of postponing the release of the cheapest of its smartphones to a later date or directly deleting the model from the catalog. The reason is obvious and concerns the not-so-exciting sales of the current version released this year ( the third generation ) as well as the data relating to other cheaper iPhones such as the various Minis of the past or the most recent Plus model of the iPhone family 14


This eventuality was revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo in a series of tweets from his official Twitter channel, citing the iPhone Se 3, iPhone 13 Mini and the new iPhone 14 Plus models as responsible for this possible decision, which apparently sold much less than expected. However, there are also other reasons reported by Kuo or the change of design of the iPhone Se 4 which would involve a greater expense for the construction and therefore also a higher selling price once it is released on the markets.

Hence the decision to suspend or even cancel the iPhone Se 4 project so as to better face the period of global economic recession which will also affect 2023 and so as to allocate funds and investments to other more profitable segments. According to the latest rumors, iPhone Se 4 should be inspired by iPhone Xr, therefore with a 6.1-inch LCD display with a much smaller edge than the current generation and the absence of the much appreciated TouchId in favor of FaceId.



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