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The new trailer for HBO’s The Last of Us is a whirlwind of emotions

HBO has released a new extended trailer for The Last of Us, the series born from the Naughty Dog video game saga.

On the occasion of the TLOUnaCCXP appointments,  HBO has released a  new trailer for its eagerly awaited  The Last of Us , the TV series adaptation of the famous video game saga signed by  Naughty Dog .


The new video, which lasts about two minutes, allows you to see most of the main characters in action, with some not at all pleasant creatures that you will see in action and which rather faithfully recall those of video games.

We offer you the trailer below in our news. And we are sure that the ending, with a “little” gem that recalls The Last of Us – Part II , you will like it.


To accompany the announcement,  Bella Ramsey – interpreter of Ellie – said she was really proud of the role she was able to have in  The Last of Us , stating that Ellie was «the greatest character I have ever played» Considering that she comes from Lady Mormont, in  Game of Thrones – Who, although supporting her, is a character much loved by fans – this is a statement that hits the mark.

According to the actress, Ellie does something really special when she “makes Joel laugh.” Even  Craig Mazin , showrunner already author of the award-winning  Chernobyl , intervened by letting it be known that «everything that Neil Druckmann has foreseen for Joel and Ellie is also here: I hope you are ready to see your heart break again and again ».




Loyalty to video games, however, does not mean that we will see some surprises: during the panel, Mazin assured that gamers will recognize many scenes, but will also be very surprised by certain things – which obviously are not revealed during the conference.

In Mazin’s words:

“There will be some great moments that fans already know from the game and other big surprises that will excite them!”.




Ever since the announcement of this adaptation, with  Neil Druckmann himself to produce, HBO has never hidden its great ambition. Even the cast, with  Pedro Pascal as Joel, certainly pointed in this direction.

In this regard, Druckmann himself admitted that he cried, getting excited to review certain scenes in the TV series, and that he was very happy with how close it remained to the video game .

It’s almost time to see Joel and Ellie in action: the series, of which the official posters of the main characters have also recently been published , will debut in Italy on  Sky and  Now TV starting from  January 16 , simultaneously with the broadcast American.


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