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The Metaverse Standards Forum is born: Meta, Microsoft and Epic Games have already joined


The first consortium for the metaverse was born . The alliance includes the likes of Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games and Adobe. The Metaverse Standards Forum will have the delicate task of defining the standards and future rules of the so-called metaverse, trying to favor the principle of interoperability between the products of different platforms and companies.

About forty different organizations and companies from all over the world participate in the consortium. In addition to the companies mentioned above, Autodesk, Huawei, IKEA, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Sony have also joined. The consortium is not closed, but any company or organization can apply for membership. The list is heterogeneous and also includes brands not strictly attributable to the tech industry.

Among many tasks, the Metaverse Standards Forum will also try to define a universal language, in order to avoid creating unnecessary confusion among the public. For example, what is meant by a metaverse ? Is it a virtual world? Is it trivially a virtual or mixed reality experience? Today, companies use this word at will to describe very different products and services, but thanks to the work of the consortium, perhaps tomorrow things will be different.

The consortium, however, does not include all the companies that have announced their intention to explore the concept of metaverse, nor all the big names on the web . For example, Apple and Google are missing, but also the gaming giants Roblox and Niantic.


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