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The Last of Us Part III, actor reveals: “if they do something, it will be great”

The actor who played Tommy in The Last of Us spoke about what his character’s future could look like in a Part III.

At the moment we do not know if  Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann will decide to make  The Last of Us Part III , although the clues seem to suggest so.


The success of the second chapter of  The Last of Us  (you can find it at a really attractive price  on  Amazon ) and of the HBO TV series could in any case direct the development team in the right direction.

If Naughty Dog is currently dedicated to the development of  The Last of Us multiplayer , a Part III of Ellie’s adventures is and remains the greatest desire of the fans.


Now, after a star of the game has already expressed a desire to return in the third chapter, it is the turn of another actor to hope for the creation of a new TLOU capable of ideally closing the trilogy .

As also reported by Games Radar, the actor who played Tommy in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II spoke about what the future of the character could be like if the third part of the saga were made.


In an interview with Total Film , Jeffrey Pierce (who also plays the character of Perry in the television series) spoke about the future of his in-game character.


“I think one of my favorite things about Neil Druckmann and the Naughty Dog culture is that they said very clearly: if we can’t find compelling stories to tell within this world, no matter how much money we make, we won’t. – which is unheard of right now, ” Pierce explained.

“There’s a lot of potential in what Tommy would try to do ,” Pierce continues, “but it’s also seriously crippled as the second game is finished very realistically. So his ability to exert force in any way is certainly impaired .”

Those who played The Last of Us Part II will recall that Tommy receives some nasty injuries during the events of the sequel, injuries that will be felt in an eventual Part III .


“I’d be really interested to see how Neil, if he wants to tell that story, is going to handle it and develop it and into what. I think if they do something, it will be great . And if they don’t, I think it will be laid to rest as the most powerful game ever made.”

Druckmann had stated that the team has no problem leaving The Last of Us series behind ,  but only if there are no more stories to tell in that universe .

But that’s not all: if you are imagining the plot of a possible third TLOU , know that several weeks ago an AI has already tried to imagine it , with very particular results.


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