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The Last of Us Part I: PC version release date has been pushed back, that’s when it will be available

The Last of Us Part I: PC version release date has been pushed back, that’s when it will be available.


Naughty Dog has announced that The Last of Us Part I in the PC version has been postponed. The team communicated the new release date with a note published on their social networks, also explaining the reasons for the postponement. The Last of Us Part I for PC will be available starting March 28, 2023.  Here is the team update in full form:


Fans of The Last of Us, let’s get straight to the point: we initially announced that the release date of  The Last of Us Part I for PC  would be March 3, but we decided to move the release by a few weeks: now the game is scheduled for March 28. As a studio we are completely blown away by the love and support for The Last of Us over the past few weeks. Hear love for HBO adaptation, seeing the beautiful shots of Photo Mode and discovering how much the world and characters created by our studio about ten years ago continue to reach old and new fans alike amazes us every day. We know many of you have re-explored the story that made it all original with The Last of Us Part I on PS5 and we know many of you can’t wait to play – some for the first time – Part I on when it arrives on PC.

We therefore want to make sure that The Last of Us Part I for PC is published in the  best possible shape . These few additional weeks will allow us to make sure that this version of The Last of Us meets our standards and yours. We can’t wait to bring The Last of Us Part I to a new platform, reaching new and old players with Joel and Ellie’s survival story and we hope you will continue to look forward to the arrival of the PC version on March 28th. The Naughty Dog team appreciates your support and enthusiasm, and we look forward to sharing more about The Last of Us Part I on PC very soon. Hang tight and survive, Naughty Dog.

The team, therefore, explained that the title needs greater optimization to be published in the best possible form. The release date has only been postponed by a few weeks so fortunately buyers of the PC version won’t have to wait long.



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