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The Last of Us clone exists and proves it to you with 10 minutes of gameplay

The Day Before, the clone of The Last of Us as we have known it lately, shows itself with a long unpublished gameplay video.

The Day Before stood out almost immediately for a number of similarities to other video games, from The Division to being considered a clone of The Last of Us.


The clone of The Last of Us , which really shows a great resemblance to the exclusive PlayStation (find Part I on Amazon ), has been at the center of some mysteries and rumors in recent days.

At one point even the same development team staff doubted the existence of The Day Before to the point that it was also called “the new Abandoned”.


It doesn’t help that a showcase from a few weeks ago , and its release date, was postponed due to copyright issues.

But The Day Before , the clone of The Last of Us , really exists and the new gameplay video proves it amply.


As reported by DSOGaming, the development team has scheduled a premiere video on YouTube perfect for those who do not believe in its existence.


Fntastic has just released a new trailer for its Unreal Engine 5-based MMO, featuring 10 minutes of real gameplay.

In the video that you can see above we can also see the graphic quality of the game and a good part of the game mechanics. Which, it must be said, strongly remind us of the aforementioned The Division and The Last of Us , there is little to do.

There’s some skepticism and a healthy dose of humor in the comments , including one that’s our favorite for the essence of The Day Before and what it stands for: “This game and the whole company is a meme, and I I’m here for the ride.”


At this point we just have to see what will happen when this open-world MMO finally comes out. The release date is now set for November 10, the day we will find out if this game is really a scam or not.

So much so that there are also the official requirements : seeing is believing.


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