The Labor Party won the by-election in Chester

The Labor Party candidate Samantha Dixon won the by-election in Chester, England, while the ruling Conservative Party lost the first by-election led by Rishi Sunak.

While Dixon, the candidate of the main opposition party, received 61 percent of the votes (17 thousand 309), the vote of Liz Wardlaw, the candidate of the Conservative Party, remained at 22.4 percent (6 thousand 335).


The turnout in the by-election in Chester was announced as 41.2 percent. With this result, there was a 13.8 percent transition from the Conservative Party to the Labor Party in Chester. It was stated that this result was the 6th biggest vote transition between the two parties since 1945.

In the by-elections held in Wakefield, in the north of the country, in June, there was a 12.7 vote transition from the Conservative Party to the Labor Party, and the Labor Party won the election again.

The election result in Chester was disappointing to the Conservative Party, marking the party’s first election test since its last two leaders, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

The Conservative Party had its worst election result in Chester since 1832.



“People want change”

In a statement made after the election results, Dixon said, “People want change. People in Chester and across the country are really worried,” pointing to the importance of the by-election result for his party.

Stating that the Conservative Party has managed the economy badly during its 12-year rule, Dixon said that he disappointed the people who trusted them in the last general election.

Sunak became head of the party on October 24.

In England, the Conservative Party lost to the Labor Party in Wakefield and the Liberal Democrat Party in Tiverton and Honiton in the by-elections held on 23 June.

Pressure on Boris Johnson, who was the party leader and prime minister at the time, to resign increased. Johnson resigned on July 7, and his successor, Liz Truss, on October 20.

Sunak became the leader of the Conservative Party on October 24 and officially became the new prime minister of the UK on October 25.



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