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The Italian who is helping Elon Musk solve the pedophilia problem on Twitter


His name is Andrea Stroppa and it is a name that appears frequently in Elon Musk ‘s feed — to the point that we have already told you about him on several occasions. Born in 1994 and child prodigy of information technology: Stroppa took his very first steps in the sector when he was very young, when he collaborated on the blog of the Italian edition of the Huffington Post; today he deals with research and IT security, with a focus on social platforms (one of the very first researches on the bot phenomenon right on Twitter).


Musk recently called Stroppa to collaborate with the team in charge of countering the spread of child pornography on Twitter. In a short thread, Stroppa recounted the progress made by the team after he took over, for example by explaining that the social network now has a way to thwart the ‘tricks’ of criminals, who often use coded messages shared in .jpeg format ( therefore within images) to bypass the platform filters. The under 30 researcher added that in just 24 hours Twitter managed to suspend over 44,000 suspicious accounts, many of which were part of a vast network of South American pedophiles. «We have become much faster and more aggressive in identifying illegal content», comments Stroppa with satisfaction.

Her tweet, which has already amassed over 35,000 interactions, received praise from Eliza Bleu, who was a victim of human trafficking as a young woman and is now one of the most important activists to fight against child abuse. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.

And of course there was no lack of thanks from Elon Musk himself: «thank you for your help in resolving this important issue».



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