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The iPhone 15 will not have any physical keys, a new confirmation arrives


According to more and more sources, the next iPhone Pros may not have any physical buttons. Apple would have opted for a new and innovative solution, which would have some advantages. In essence: the next iPhone 15 Pro will replace the mechanical keys with pressure-sensitive digital keys .


It is not the first time that this rumor has been bounced in the specialized press, but this time the rumor finds an authoritative confirmation. Confirming the evolution of the next iPhone 15 Pro is, in fact, the CEO of Cirrus Logic , one of Apple’s main partners. Speaking at a meeting with the company’s shareholders, the executive explained that the next generation of iPhone Pro will use a second Taptic Engine , which is designed to recreate the sensation of pressing a physical key through haptic feedback.

Cirrus Logic, which is part of the supply chain of the Taptic Engine mounted on iPhones currently on the market, has announced that Apple has increased orders due to the need to equip the next top-of-the-range with a second Taptic Engine.

This change will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro, while the ‘base’ iPhone 15 should continue to use the physical keys .


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