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The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have an incredibly bright screen

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have an incredibly bright screen.


Apparently, the next iPhone 15 Pro Max (which according to new rumors will not be replaced by the Ultra model) will have an extremely bright screen. This is supported by a new report, according to which Apple is working to bring the peak brightness of the display to 2500 nits.


The well-known tipster ShrimpApplePro gave the news, who allegedly got their hands on an alleged technical data sheet of the smartphone due out next September. Once again, the display of the top-of-the-range iPhone with more generous dimensions will be produced by Samsung. The new display would support a maximum brightness of 2500 nits, which would make the screen easily readable even in direct sunlight.

This high brightness would, in fact, be designed for open environments. Obviously, even in the next generation of the iPhone the brightness will be managed independently by iOS , which will calibrate the parameter intelligently according to the environmental conditions.

It would be an important step forward compared to the current model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max in fact stops at 2000 nits, a more than satisfactory value in any case (to put it mildly).


In September, Apple could debut as many as five new iPhones, including the new Ultra model which, reading between the lines of what Tim Cook recently said, could complement, and not replace, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In any case, analysts disagree on whether the Ultra model will debut in 2023 or 2024.



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