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The interior of the BMW 5 Series becomes a gaming lounge thanks to the partnership with AirConsole

The driver and passengers will be able to connect their smartphone to the Curved Display of their BMW, to play dozens of different casual games.

The interior of the BMW 5 Series becomes a gaming lounge thanks to the partnership with AirConsole.

On Friday , BMW announced a partnership with AirConsole to equip its latest generation cars with advanced gaming features. In essence, the interior of BMW cars will become a gaming lounge, thanks to the possibility of transforming the infotainment screen into a powerful game console, which can be controlled comfortably using a smartphone.


The AirConsole technology will first be introduced on the new BMW 5 Series, which was presented these days. In a statement, BMW explains that the driver and passengers will be able to play a large number of “so-called casual games ” while the car is parked. “For example, they can pass the time by playing when the car is charging,” writes the company. In fact, AirConsole will also be available immediately on the EV i5. The 5 Series is not the only car to receive the new feature, in the future the AirConsole app will also be extended to many other recent cars of the brand.

To access the  in-car gaming experience , players simply connect their smartphone , which will act as a controller, to their BMW Curved Display . After launching the AirConsole app on the vehicle, the connection between the smartphone and the vehicle will take place intuitively, simply by scanning the QR code that will appear on the Curved Display. Passengers will have instant access to the game action. The AirConsole supports multiple players simultaneously. In general, it is possible to play alone, or all occupants of the vehicle can compete with each other

explains the producer.

The games catalog at launch includes racing, sports, music quizzes, as well as simulators, strategy, platformer and puzzle games. There will be 15 different titles to choose from at launch, including Go Kart Go , Music Guess, and Overcooked.


The cars that support the new features are as follows:

  • BMW 7 Series, BMW iX, BMW i4 produced after July 2023
  • BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW X7, BMW XM, BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M manufactured after August 2023.
  • More BMWs in the mid-range and luxury segment, thanks to future updates


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