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The government will establish the Italian Center for Microchip Design


Italy will have a Center for the design of microchips. The initiative is provided for by the additional article 74 bis of the Budget law. The funding, for the moment, is not particularly robust, above all for the extremely ambitious goal proposed: 10 million euros in 2023, to be followed by another 25 million spread from 2024 to 2030.


The project of the Italian Center for the design of microchips follows some previous statements by Minister Adolfo Urso, who after taking office had repeatedly reaffirmed his ambition to bring Italy to ‘ technological sovereignty ‘, one of the objectives of the Meloni Government to be achieved in concert with the initiatives and efforts of the European Union (in turn intending to enhance the European market share in the semiconductor market).

The processor giant Intel recently announced its intention to open a chip factory in Veneto (in the province of Verona, to be precise), while St Microelectronics has allocated just under 300 million euros for the construction of a factory, again for semiconductor manufacturing, in Sicily.

The Center for Microchip Design will therefore have the task of coordinating and supervising the nascent Made in Italy microchip supply chain  . A foundation created with the intention of “strengthening the professional training system in the field of microelectronics and ensuring the establishment of a network of universities, research centers and companies that favors innovation and technology transfer in the sector”.


The foundation will be owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as by the Ministry of Made in Italy and the Ministry of University and Research.



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