The French will take to the streets against pension reform

The protests, which will start at 14.00, are expected to be attended by 550 thousand to 750 thousand people across the country. 10,000 police and gendarmerie were assigned to the demonstration and strike.

Demonstrations will be held across the country as many sectors such as public transportation, education and energy go on strike against the reform that will raise the retirement age to 64 in France.


While many sector workers decide to strike against the government’s pension reform, demonstrations are expected at 221 points.

In the capital city of Paris, demonstrators will gather at Republic Square at 14.00 local time.

10 thousand police and gendarmerie were deployed throughout France as part of the demonstrations and strikes.

Education union Snuipp-FSU said it expected 70 percent of primary school teachers to participate in the strike.



Macron won’t be in France

According to the information that Europe 1 radio based on the note of the French domestic intelligence, it is predicted that 550 thousand to 750 thousand people will take to the streets across the country, 50 thousand to 80 thousand of whom are in the capital. In addition, 200 to 400 “radical” people are expected to attend the demonstration in Paris.

In the country where the strike against pension reform is the main agenda, President Emmanuel Macron will be in Spain with 11 ministers.

A “black day” is expected in public transport

Serious disruptions are expected in public transport throughout the country during the day, with the employees of RATP, the institution responsible for public transport in and around the capital city, and SNCF, the national railway company, going on strike.

pension reform

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the content of the pension reform, which was among President Emmanuel Macron’s election promises on January 10.

Noting that in the country where the retirement age is 62, the legal retirement age will be gradually increased by 3 months every year and will be increased to 64 in 2030.

After the announcement, the unions announced strikes and protests against the pension reform.


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