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The first two folding smartphones from OnePlus will have a name… trivial

The first two folding smartphones from OnePlus will have a name… trivial.


During 2023, OnePlus will expand its line-up with some completely new products. We already know for sure that the first OnePlus branded tablet will be presented during the year, of which we have already shown you the first images. It will not be the only important news.


OnePlus recently registered the trademarks of its first foldable smartphones. According to the main tipsters, there will be two and they will have names that are not particularly original.

According to tipster Mukul Sharma, OnePlus will introduce two foldable screen smartphones over the next few months. They will resume the two main form factors: booklet and clamshell. Therefore, the first device will be able to extend its screen and become a small tablet, while the second will be a smartphone which, once closed, will halve its length, becoming a small and comfortable pocket tile. In short, they will be OnePlus’ answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold4 and Galaxy Flip4, respectively.

Even the name, according to Sharma, will not distance itself much from that of Samsung’s counterparts. The two devices could, in fact, be called OnePlus V Fold and OnePlus V Flip . In short, Pete Lau’s brand would have limited itself to replacing the Z with the V.


In the absence of an official announcement, we obviously cannot assume that these will actually be the names of OnePlus’ first two foldable smartphones. We advise you to take this information with the utmost caution, we will continue to update you with all the main news from the world of OnePlus.



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