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The first photo of the new electric DeLorean. Surprise: It doesn’t look like the DMC-12


The DeLorean is about to make a comeback . Or rather, the brand behind the iconic DMC-12 is back , but this time it will be churning out an all-electric sports car. The company behind the project – which sees the collaboration of ItalDesign – presented a first teaser image of the vehicle.


The DeLorean EV will be presented on August 21, during the famous Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach . The teaser image gives us an interesting glimpse of what the car will look like. The rear ostic groups are hyper-modern, developed horizontally and with a futuristic look. The silhouette of the vehicle is slender and in line with the imagery of modern sports cars.

Those expecting a more faithful homage to the lines of the original DMC-12 might be disappointed. It seems that DeLorean has chosen to take another direction. Of course, we still don’t know the other elements of the vehicle, and we’re still willing to bet that the car’s doors will open like a gullwing, like on the original model.

The DeLorean Motor Company today is owned by Stephen Wynne. The company has an official program to supply replacement parts to owners of the original DMC-12, but now wants to revive the brand by returning to producing original cars. An extremely ambitious mission.


During the Pebble Beach event, DeLorean is expected to show a ‘ concept ‘ version of the car. We don’t know if the production model, the one that will actually be delivered to customers, will differ much from the car that will be presented in August. All that remains is to wait a few months to find out more.



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