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The Excel World Championships were held again this year


Also this year the Excel world championships were held, and the  Microsoft program (which figures among the organizers of the event) was dedicated to the creation and management of spreadsheets. 128 people attended this edition and the event was broadcast on ESPN, the largest US dedicated to sports.


The Microsoft Excel World Championship is organized by the Financial Modeling World Cup and its sponsors and co-organizers also include AG Capital and Microsoft.

Players compete in one-on-one matches. Starting from a set of equal data, they have to use Excel to solve five questions of increasing difficulty and based on different problems and reasoning methods. Clearly the player who manages to solve the five questions before the opponent (or the one who gets the highest score) wins. There are also three bonus levels, which are needed in case of a tie. Players don’t have to solve all five problems, for example if they can’t answer a question they can decide to skip it to move on to the next one.

All rounds of the tournament are single elimination. The deliveries are generally very imaginative and hardly have to do with the classic topics for which Excel is normally used. For example, a question devised by the creator of the tournament, Andrew Grigolyunovich, asked to devise the best electoral system to help an imaginary kingdom become a parliamentary democracy.


This year’s edition was won by Andrew Ngai , who had already won the previous year’s edition. Out of 128 participants, just over a dozen were women. Who knows why.



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