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The electric Fiat 500 was the best-selling electric car in Italy in 2022

The electric Fiat 500 was the best-selling electric car in Italy in 2022.


2022 was a year to forget for the Italian car market. Registrations have plummeted, one step away from touching the minimum values ​​recorded in 2013. The electric car segment has also lost some positions: registered battery-powered cars have dropped compared to a year ago.


The numbers are still very low, especially if you compare them with other northern European markets. In Italy, electric cars occupy a market share of 3.7%. Not much, but what makes this figure even more disheartening is the direct comparison with last year, when BEVs occupied 4.6% of the market. Just under 50 thousand new registrations against 67 thousand and more in 2021. A drop of 26.6%.

Plug-in hybrids are doing a little better, which in any case stop at 5.1% of the total of new registrations (a year ago it was 4.7%). Even better are the so-called HEVs , a segment that brings together Full Hybrids and Mild Hybrids (such as the Toyota Yaris, to understand each other) and which overall represents 34.1% of the Italian market.

The best-selling electric car in Italy during 2022 was the electric 500, with 6,285 units. Followed by the Smart Fortwo (4,545) and the Tesla Model Y (4,276). As far as hybrids are concerned, the crown goes to the Fiat Panda (91,694), followed by the Lancia Ypsilon (35,583) and Ford Puma (27,038).



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