The cat may suffer from symptoms similar to bulimia

The cat may suffer from symptoms similar to bulimia.


When a cat is obsessed with hunger and voraciously eats food, with episodes of vomiting , it can be thought that it suffers from bulimia. In humans this is manifested by pathological and excessive voracity in eating, followed by voluntary induction of vomiting. If we talk about cats we don’t mean a real bulimia. However, there may be pathologies linked to excessive food intake and assiduous vomiting. Here’s what the causes may be and what to do to help our cat resolve these typical behaviors of bulimia. 


However, it is always better to rely on the vet . The excessive voracity of the cat can be linked to the request for attention, to being sick, to the presence of intestinal parasites or to having psychic problems. Hyperthyroidism (older cats) and diabetes mellitus (obesity) may contribute to increased hunger . Then acromegaly , a disease caused by a tumor that produces too much somatotropin, the growth hormone, which leads to eventual weight gain. 

An altered relationship with food can also be brought about by stress, boredom, competitive coexistence with other cats, but also by an unbalanced diet. In excessive voracity with episodes of vomiting, the causes can be: prolonged fasting, wrong foods, serious pathologies such as betrayed, renal insufficiency, but also eating too much. If your cat eats more than usual and loses weight, you need to see a vet. 

The cause may be parasites if the belly has a bulge and the cat loses weight. If pathologies or parasites are absent, we must instead dedicate more time to our cat and see if, having more activities to do, the stimulus decreases. For behavior problems and human-cat relationships, it is better to consult a veterinarian. For vomiting, check that the cat does not leave the house in order to be able to control the symptoms and communicate them to the specialist. 



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