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The Callisto Protocol: New patch improves performance and localization, full update details


The Callisto Protocol is updated with the arrival of a large patch, available this time for all versions of the game. This is a very important update not only due to its large weight but also because it aims to finally fix all the various problems reported on the various platforms.


The new update includes not only further optimizations for performance and stability, but also improved combat, several QOL changes and even better localization of the product. The hope, therefore, is that this new patch definitively fixes all those problems related to dubbing in Italian which, as we pointed out during the review phase , is often out of sync and with the volumes completely busted, which makes some of the game’s dialogues even incomprehensible.

Furthermore, there is very interesting news for PlayStation users: the developers have confirmed that now the trophies  of The Callisto Protocol in the PS4 edition  will synchronize correctly with the PSN.

Before leaving you, we remind you that The Callisto Protocol tells the  story  of Jacob Lee grappling with the exploration of the maximum security prison on Callisto, the second largest moon of Jupiter, which contains unspeakable horrors. In the game, we will be able to fight both through the use of  firearms  and through  melee attacks . Furthermore, Jacob, the protagonist, will also be able to rely on some  “GRP” skills  that will allow him to attract objects towards himself to move them and thus solve small puzzles.

The Callisto Protocol is available now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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