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The Callisto Protocol: First console patch fixes bugs, crushes, and frame rate issues


The Callisto Protocol is updated on consoles with a first patch that aims to fix several bugscrashes, and frame-rate problems. After releasing the first update for the PC version of the game which proved to be the most problematic in terms of performance, Striking Distance Studios releases the first patch for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One to improve the fluidity of the game and solve other technical problems.


However, according to reports from the team, it seems that some specific bugs of the Xbox Series X version regarding ray tracing have not yet been fixed , even if the shadows in RT work quite well for the moment. The team says that more details will be released this week regarding the resolution of these specific problems on Xbox consoles.

Welcomed by the international press with somewhat fluctuating reviews, The Callisto Protocol  is the long-awaited sci-fi horror from Striking Distance Studios. The title tells the  story of Jacob Lee grappling with the exploration of the maximum security prison on Callisto, the second largest moon of Jupiter, which contains unspeakable horrors.

In the game, we will be able to fight both through the use of  firearms  and through  melee attacks . Furthermore, Jacob, the protagonist, will also be able to rely on some  “GRP” skills  that will allow him to attract objects towards himself to move them and thus solve small puzzles.


The game also takes advantage of a technique called “Horror Engineering” which blends different components such as atmosphere, tension, violence and a sense of helplessness with the aim of triggering an unprecedented sense of terror.


The Callisto Protocol is available now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.


  • The Callisto Protocol Console Patch is Live for Frame Rate and Crash Issues (


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