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The Callisto Protocol: Disney, Pixar and Spongebob are among the sources of inspiration for the game


Striking Distance Studios would be inspired by Disney, Pixar feature films and the Spongebob character to make some elements of The Callisto Protecol related to stylization. This was confirmed by Aasim Zubair and Glauco Longhi, two members of the Striking Distance team responsible for various elements relating to the art direction and graphics, during an interview with The Sun. Longhi in fact explained that the animation style used in some cartoons highlights specific actions and sequences: for the game, therefore, the team has chosen to use the stylization of some elements precisely to highlight the action, but not only.


We looked at cartoons like Spongebob for stylization and movement: The Callisto Protocol is a particularly realistic video game, to make some elements even more captivating we preferred to stylize them – explained Glauco Longhi.

To emphasize the movements, gore sequences, blood and the way the limbs will be cut off we have resorted to a different style, just to make the action stand out more. Feature films from Disney, Pixar and beyond are able to perfectly express the concept.

To emphasize the action, therefore, the team chose to be inspired by some cartoons to create effects that are realistic, but even more splatter and spectacular. Before leaving you, we remind you that The Callisto Protocol tells the  story of Jacob Lee grappling with the exploration of the maximum security prison on Callisto, which contains unspeakable horrors. In the game, we will be able to fight both through the use of firearms  and through  melee attacks . Furthermore, Jacob, the protagonist, will also be able to rely on some  “GRP” skills  that will allow him to attract objects towards himself to move them and thus solve small puzzles.

The game will also take advantage of a technique called “Horror Engineering” which blends different components such as atmosphere, tension, violence and a sense of helplessness with the aim of triggering an unprecedented sense of terror.


The Callisto Protocol will be available starting December 2 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.


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