The biggest threat Israel will face in 2023 is “international changes”

According to the report of the Military Intelligence Agency, “international changes” come first among the threats that Israel will face in 2023.

According to the information cited by Israel Hayom newspaper from the report of the Military Intelligence Department, “international changes” came first among the threats Israel will face in 2023.


Iran ranked second in the list of security threats for Israel in 2023, while developments in the occupied Palestinian area ranked third.

Pointing out that Iran is not the “main focus” as previous reports had predicted, the newspaper said, “Iran may be the most important and complex challenge, but the Military Intelligence Agency sees it as just one piece of a much larger puzzle of interacting and interconnected pieces. ” made its assessment.

It was noted that the international changes and instability affecting Israel and its security stemmed from the US-China conflict, which is expected to intensify in 2023.

In the report, which pointed to the war in Ukraine as one of the factors that exacerbated this threat, it was stated that the disruption in the supply chains adversely affected Europe, especially due to the cut of Russian gas and canceled contracts with China.



The report pointed out that the effects of global trends are also visible in the Middle East, for example Egypt and Jordan are experiencing an unprecedented food and economic crisis due to high grain prices and the war in Ukraine.

Iran is in second place.

In the report, it was stated that the second-ranked threat to Iran, although the main component, is not limited to its nuclear activities, but has a wider scope as a regional player.

Third is Palestine.

Third in the ranking, Palestine, contrary to previous reports, was considered as a single field without being evaluated separately as the occupied West Bank and the blockaded Gaza.

The focus of the report on Palestine was where the Palestinian administration would evolve after President Mahmoud Abbas.

It was also noted that “the destabilizing trends of the last few months are expected to continue” across Palestine.

The “security threat report” prepared annually by the Military Intelligence Agency is submitted to the Israeli government. In previous years, Iran was shown as the most important security threat for Israel.


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