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The best gaming smartphones of the moment

High performance but also screens that update quickly and special functions. Here are the phones to excel over online opponents.

Until a few years ago, the gaming smartphone market was a non-existent market: mobile games were characterized by unpretentious graphics and simplified touch controls. Today things are different. On the one hand, the more elaborate titles are the envy of console games and in some cases have become experiences from which players expect total immersion. On the other hand, the explosion of online gaming from mobile devices has awakened an audience in search of products made specifically to allow gamers to give their best in competitions and leisure.

The pillars of a gaming smartphone

In general, a particular type of phone with technical characteristics specifically designed to get the most out of the most demanding games can be defined as a gaming smartphone .

  • The combined computing power of the processor and gpu thinks about the mathematical operations behind what happens on the screen.
  • The amount of RAM on board guarantees shorter loading times and in some cases an increase in the graphic performance of the heavier titles.
  • The screen size needs to be large, to accommodate touch controls without obscuring the crucial portion of the game to be monitored.
  • The refresh rate of the display must be high (at least 120 Hz) to show even the fastest transitions of opponents smoothly.
  • 5G connectivity is now a fundamental prerequisite in online competitive titles. The latest generation ones are the best connections in terms of latency, i.e. the speed in receiving and delivering signals to and from the game servers.
  • In some models , special cooling systems ensure that the components can be pushed to the maximum for a longer period of time, without heating up the body of the phone and without damaging it in the long run.
  • The touch sampling frequency dictates how many times a second the phone screen can process finger inputs, and it’s a measure (expressed in hertz) that shouldn’t be underestimated, linked to the phone’s responsiveness to commands.
  • Software customization based on the operating system is essential in a phone aimed at gamers: it allows you to customize the controls and performance of each game to adapt it to individual needs .
  • Finally, the presence of extras such as a 3.5 mm audio jack on the body, additional physical keys or an optional kit of accessories designed specifically for the phone (from docks to controllers) can be a preferential factor for purchasing a model over another.

In the light of these characteristics, it is self-evident that there are not only phones specifically designed for gamers on the market but also and above all models designed for the general public and yet so well equipped that they appeal to gamers too . To put things in order, we have selected 10 plus 3 gadgets for all needs and in a wide price range, to satisfy both those looking for a phone mainly dedicated to gaming and those looking for something in between that behaves adequately or excellently even as a smartphone .


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