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 look at the.  What do we all have in common?  No, work again to find out where in the world you have food, water, shelter and a share.  Half of all transactions involve maintenance in the circulation of goods or services.  Stocks, a loaf of bread, an illegal drug for which you have to close funds.  We spend most of our lives busy and pursuing our dreams.  But it is also a tool of destruction. Some people may declare bad driving criminals for lying, stealing and even murder.  The current banking system draws huge costs from the bureau and is parasitic in the natural world.  Money is the catalyst for the best and worst of human activities.  In civilization so far we have made currency. 



The path to fuel fuel for wars is champion and the challenger to raise money is thus inevitable for our organization and our global economy, that these authentic flora and fauna remain a secret to most.  This is an excuse for care.  Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.  No matter how thick your metaphor is, or how thin your bill fold is, for us, it’s all hard cash.  There are some who take pleasure in killing it, take advantage of it, burn their dollars, their euros, their yen and convert all the money they have into another zero digital currency that will destroy the web and computers.  Strengthening the whole planet Magical Internet is called child support.  The cryptocurrency Bitcoin was mysteriously invented. It was a market for the world. It’s not just a currency, it’s a worthwhile part of the program. A potential curse.  Or politicians can do something to reduce it.  Breaking the bonds of all administrators is almost speaking of what the Internet has done to recommend childcare, bitcoin works to help children.  – Could it be added gold?  – No, you have to increase your imagination to figure out what the intrinsic value of bitcoin is.  Regulators, the Federal Reserve, the banking system, to say the least, this is a business that they have to seriously approve.  It is going to change the economic culture.  Bitcoin can be a microeconomic miracle worker, and it can be a macroeconomic destroyer.  Is bitcoin a distant currency afield-off afield-off-off-off forward?  A gift for criminals?  Or a prescription for financial error?  If you trust your care as it is, then we have a small report about a covenant once, there was a big party, with everyone in mind, mentioning the Punch Bowl  Was drunk!  Politicians backed the Hermitage economy on their wise decisions.  Businesses jump into sub-profitable markets, ignoring the risk.  Experts say there is no danger.  Then, disturbing market data from youth countries frightened markets.  Rumors abound.  More bad news shook house prices in the center of the financial world.  One big bank went bankrupt.  Investors and businesses demanded their cash deposits, not far from the emerging banks.  The largest financial institutions in the center of the audience became numb.  Assets were confiscated.  Banks Forecast  The judicial crisis has threatened every part of the global economy.  And then, finally, stepped into the meeting. 



Swift Court Dogfight, the largest bank bailout to date, was saved by the head of the confession.  Remember?  No, you don’t.  That was 2,000 years ago.  Rome, 33 AD Ground zero for the previously recorded liquidity crisis and bailout dooling in the archives.  The world’s greatest empire ever was brought to its knees by a banking disaster.  Emperor Tiberius used care from the national treasury to bail out the country’s frightened banks and companies.  History may not repeat itself, but it is full of poetry … … intensely.  People in sports and their care have always been at its center.  The relationship of division is as prehistoric as civilization itself.  When we lived in small tribes, it was easy to keep track of debt.  You had to give someone a load of wood.  A neighbor gave you a piece of meat.  Credit and debit were placed in your head.  Mental ledger currency is a language that allows us to melody the value of transactions between people.  This is a technology that is older than the wheel.  It is as old as fire.  When people wanted to trade under the veil of their tribe or village, they needed something that everyone could have that was valuable.  Some extensible.  Enter the amount of the commodity There were many types but each had to embody the same five characteristics.  Commodity care is relatively rare, easily identifiable, can be broken down into smaller pieces.  And you can take a suggestion without feeling too much pain.  In ancient Rome, it was salt.  Aztecs used cocoa beans, they were whale teeth not far from Fiji, in Tibet yak dung, African and Chinese shells, grains, metals, ivory, rare stones, leather, fish if it contains  If there are five characteristics of a.  Probably used as currency.  And later you ask what is the value of these currencies?  If you go into the primary literature, you will see children exchanging rubber bands and Tamaguchi and Pokیمmon cards and baseball cards, and sweets and candy, and any additional form of currency.  People invent currencies after they have no new currency, and now they are going to invent digital currencies.  But commodities that are not sustainable are lacking in value.  The discovery of a poor cocoa crop or a massive excess of salt can put your currency and economy in jeopardy.  A more stable system was needed.  About 2,500 years ago, coins were first minted in China and now in Turkey.  These coins now share the same five properties up to commodity money.But later there were every part of sustainable.



  In some cases, coins leave the entire civilization in their own business.  Money does not come from governments.  Money comes naturally when markets start to form and when people gather in the middle of the labor distance, it makes sense that if I have eggs, and you have a cow, we will give you  They can be a source of contention for my eggs.  And to get me your cow.  Coin accounts were a necessity and a universal unit and they allowed people to acquire and sell more goods from scary lands.  The push economy was born.  The coins worked.  But if people believe that the king or emperor who issued them is not cheating on the metal material.  Using CoinPlus meant that an authority now controls the supply of your currency.  Money and diplomatic skills were closely linked.  Centrality  Coin mint allows for economic scrapbook and stability in a stable and predictable express.  In China, Wu Zhouxi maintained its value for 500 years.  The Solids in Constantinople lasted 700 years.  But in those days coins were not minted.  They were flat.  And what happened was that the coins were going from people to other people, cutting them into small pieces.  And, of course, some taxes that would make kings realize they were taking 1/8 of the coin.  Taxes built forts.  And funded military campaigns.  Expensive hobbies!  Soon the royal mints were replacing the cheap metals of silver and gold. The French currency was devalued for all 20 months for 200 years!  If no one can count on the gold or silver content of your coins, how can you trade the sub-countries?  International traders found an innocent.  They qualify for one person’s debt.  It can be traded or transferred.  When they come from reputable IOU sources, they can be used as a form of care.  Keep paper  This maintenance was not based on hard commodity or metal, but otherwise settled for payment to someone in the area.  The merchant family moved to Medici in the 15th century. Florence served as clearing houses for these IOUs.  He acted in imitation of it: a British merchant ordered a shipment of Italian cloth from Medici in exchange for 100 gold coins.  Her consent to pay Medicaid was based on paper.  Medici, meanwhile, owed 100 gold coins from Choice Trading Fashion p.s.  To deliver wine from France.  The parties did not increase the cost of transporting and exchanging gold coins.  Instead, the paper was moved.  The price of the paper was too high for anyone: “100 gold coins” but without help, because everyone trusted Medicaid as a solvent bachelor.  He built a paper cap robot. In a few generations, he moved from low crime to high finance. 



Their happiness helped fuel the Italian Renaissance and raised the family to a level of powerful political advantage.  The gift of marriage in the royal family, and the benefit of being elected pope.  Relationships that link money to convenience, politics, and adjustment now run through the church and confession.  Traders have shown that making paper currency can be extremely lucrative.  The goldsmith wanted to put himself into practice.  Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.  The people who owned them don’t talk to them yet.  So what if I go and give them a loan in the community, and I get into a fight with them?  So he starts lending some of these gold coins and then, abnormally, he realizes that people don’t even take out gold coins, they just wrap a piece of paper, which says gold.  The coins are in the bank and behind the goldsmith.  So I can now maintain an inclusion on these pieces of paper.  And what I write is almost a piece of paper, as long as people trust me, they will trust the paper.  And effectively before goldsmiths and daylight, bankers had the power to print children’s help.  More and more private paper child support from merchants and banks, circulating and giving away crown coins to the opponent.  The one who started himself in controlling and releasing money, started moving away from the rulers.  They could not tax or debit this postscript from close maintenance.  But they have furthered the ambitions behind the commercial posts, colonies and empires that are now spread all over the world.  For centuries, European nations have agreed to build high fleets to study the world and to fight every war on account.  The government wanted to fund the wars as soon as possible at the expense of the people.  This is the date of keeping.  Money and war go hand in hand.  War is expensive.  One-year pension taxes, as a result, are not enough.  Kings and queens had to borrow maintenance care with the latest taxes.  They needed a major financial restructuring.  Government Bonds These loans came from big business families and goldsmiths who had by now become powerful financiers and bankers.  Independent debt and deficit expenses were born.  In 1694, it was customary for the Bank of England to fund the conflict adjacent to France.  The Central Bank of England was privately owned and decided to monopolize banknotes.  Paper that can be redeemed from the Outlook treasury for the equivalent of gold.  The central bank soon arranged for each of Taj’s loans.  Money has been a tool of government for centuries.  After practicing with business currency, you mastered but he valued the supply of that money, keeping in mind the power of disclosure.  In fact, it is getting its own debt.  When the United States gained independence from Britain, the first article of the controversial constitution gave Congress the exclusive right to take care of the coin.  The value of this currency was linked to gold in dispensation wallets.  From 1781 to 1907, the American financial system was an economic petri plate.  Short Central Bank, State Bank, Private Bank, Private Currency, Admin Currency, Depression, Strong Deposit, Depression,


Regular Boom and Best Cycle.  In the long run, as far as capitalist business is concerned, people are prone to spot stability.  With this advance, they can conspire.  This is sophisticated for long term desire, before that there was such a level of fluctuation.  In 1913, bankers and politicians decided that it was the best in the country and, for them, a surviving central bank.  He created the Federal Reserve.  Its tasks include: increasing or adjusting the supply of a single national currency. The Federal Reserve note that the dollar was linked to gold, and that its strategists, following its advice, will avoid the rapid growth that leads to the bush.  ۔  At least that’s what it meant.  Then came 1929.  The Great Depression will have an astonishing effect on monetary policy around the world. “I will ask Congress for a lasting tool …” “… to achieve a crisis”  Soon the Fed printed all the money it could legally pump cartoons into the economy.Mint needed to sleep to harden the fire.  Thus, in 1933, President Roosevelt issued a controversial surveillance order.  Forcing all American citizens to sell their gold to the Federal Reserve at exorbitant prices, or to imprison them.  The Fed offered large sums of cash to foreign governments for its gold.  Many people jumped on the bandwagon.  Gold came, and dollars in belly payments worldwide.  World War II destroyed all major economies.  Except for the United States.  Military and industrial juggernaut emerged as a global financial superpower.  The dollar had become the most stable and respected currency in the world.  Other countries used their currency in dollars.  Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.  In fact, the United States owns about half the world’s gold reserves.  Neighbors moved more dollars abroad in a few decades.  Governments began to devalue their coins as metals became cheaper and began to reprint their currency in gold.  Along with compatibility, external metals and paper currency were also breaking down.  This is a 1966 piece of 50 cents.  It was the last coin to be regularly minted in Australia.  And it contains 80% silver.  So in 1966, it was 50 cents.  Nowadays, it’s 8, for example, without the help of silver!  By 1966, the United States had enough foreign countries to collect gold and print cash.  And their value in dollars was more than a billion in the US bill fold.  He demanded gold for his paper dollars.  From their currency, the value of the dollar is very clear.  In 1971, President Nixon attributed the influence.  It has largely separated the US currency from gold.  “I have instructed Secretary Conley to step down …”  Worse, the dollar now had the full confidence and symbol of the United States.  The richest people in the world, who never knew, would bet their enlightenment: The “trust” people have a myth that is based on a very small fact.  Bitcoin is an attempt to focus on an area that we have a highly computerized system, the maintenance of which was used to restore the Internet.  I just understand  That our dollar policies, our monetary policies, our monetary policies have made the nation indebted.  Not just personal loans, not just corporate loans, but paper loans, and you have to look at them all in a big way.  What is the problem of the nation?  Well, there is a powerful hole in restoring the burden of the nation that we are accountable to the world that all choice will not be repaid behind the adults.  Today, the United States pays more than 400 400 billion annually to its creditors.  When a fugitive spends more or less on child support than the tax indicator, he easily borrows more. 



Or it creates more.  Once upon a time there was a statement of gold in all paper care pieces.  Remember!  The ڈالر 20 worth of gold in the purse was in $ 20 relationships for each pension.  Not anymore.  Today, governments make money by issuing bonds or treasury bills first.  These bonds are sold in songs.  Raise funds for the administrator who issues them.  The big banks get US bonds to pay them off.  Selling them to the Federal Reserve at a profit.  This is a robot with a magic clock.  You see, the Fed is the central bank of the United States, but it doesn’t care.  There is no cash in his checking account sheets.  When a bank buys Concord and takes it to the Federal Reserve, the Fed says with a hand: “Thank you, Mr. Banker!”  “Here’s the principal and some profit.”  New baby care is not exchanged.  This version appears to be profitable in reports.  Magic!  In the adjacent 100 years, or more appropriately, the method of fiduciary consideration of purchasing has remained unclear.  This is where it gets cute!  Not the Federal Reserve Agency.  It is a private entity and its shareholders are banks which make profits.  Some banks that sell overseas loans to the Fed are paid a maximum of 80 80 billion annually.  Which banks?  Don’t argue once asked!  This is a mystery.  In short, the magic money robot is not solid for anyone.  The bar-surrounded feed determines how much success you have for car, housing, or more maintenance for a footnote.  The Federal Reserve puts together the most embarrassing and impossible task of governing the checking account and the financial system, as if we were the Soviet Union.  It is the central planner of the key aspect of the capitalist system, of which childcare and how fiction is allocated.  The imbalance of the Federal Reserve is not yet in the economy, the imbalance hurts the economy.  And is bound to make mistakes.  Even in the company of pleasant intentions.  Fed is keeping low integration rates in mind just as well as starting employment.  Encourage people and businesses to get more goods and services.  The remnants of governments are another problem, and that’s a bad thing.  This is a pleasant problem because the Cape is the artery of the economy.  Markets are full of hustle and bustle.  And it is wise for governments to have currency and foul language.  Transferring and accompanying the supply of the cap is the most powerful and unique task in order to reduce this cycle of speed and disruption.  Manipulation in the provision of care has an unexpected long-term and long-term effect.  The central bank hopes that the maintenance of attachments will be completed efficiently and gradually for everyone as a whole.  Releasing more care to the economy raises prices.  Ideally 2% for big year.  It is believed that this will sustain economic growth.  But 2% inflation means that today you will have 98 cents in your pocket for one dollar.  And less than each and one year from each.  Since the Federal Reserve took the US dollar to its summit by 1913, we have seen the US dollar depreciate.  98% inflation is an avant-garde tax.  Because almost all of your allowances you pay guidance.  If inflation is 2% later, you are talking about paying about 2% tax – the value of your quantity is kept in the currency for one accumulated year.  So what’s the downside?  If you earned one dollar in 1913, you could get 16 loaves of bread.  Barely a dollar buys you today.  This is not a deviation from how cheap things were.  This is proof that the value of your cash is slowly declining.  A dollar that was 2% in 1913 will now be worth 7. 7.24 with 600% compensation, which is linked to the loss of non-ventilated money.  The US dollar has risen from one dollar to about 4 cents.  So this is, you know, 96% of its local price.  And they are the result of a controlling position.  Governments, in the middle of the thin do not get to share with each other, willing to breathe alone.  You see the key role in the magic care machine.  It is not the central banks that are causing the environmental problems.  I plan, they suggest participating in suffering.  But the real responsibility is that we have managed to recover the profits of the banks that caused the financial crisis.  We detail our paychecks and savings, and rely on it to attract them.  Banks are the custodians of our money, right?  Wrong!  It is now owned by the bank over their financial relationship.  They can insert – taking into account the wound site.  For example, divide by number.  Here’s how: Your credit shows $ 100 but the bank and nobody else has $ 3 and then lend Bob 97 to Bob.  On bank computers, you still have $ 100 in your account.  But Bob now has a choice of 97% virtual share in his account.  Only numbers are suggested on the computer screen.  Bob’s account has no cash, no gold, or all new announcements above the sub-numbers.  You just have to pay attention to it.  That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.  When they spend $ 97, advertising the increase, the depositor deposits in the owner’s marginal bank.  And it is answering again and again. 



And each of these people has numbers in their accounts, indicating that they own the money.  So your desi $ 100 has multiplied.  The systems are over 3,300.  This process of lending to save more children from the bank, in imitation of cash, is called “fractional unfriendly banking”.  Only 97% of care in the UK is counted in computer systems, and those numbers are generated by banks.  By creating and lending virtual child maintenance, banks generate countless billions of dollars a year.  Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.  If they find a reliable person to carry, they can calculate the magic in their account, and start charging the bridge.


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