The bed capacity of touristic businesses in the EU has exceeded 28.1 million

The total bed capacity of touristic enterprises in the member states of the European Union (EU) has exceeded 28.1 million.

The European Statistical Office (Eurostat) has published the 2021 data on the total number of tourism establishments and bed capacities of European countries.


Accordingly, there is a total bed capacity of 28 million 136 thousand in 596 thousand 975 touristic establishments in EU countries. Italy is the EU country with the highest number of touristic establishments.

220 thousand 457 in Italy, 103 thousand 315 in Croatia, 55 thousand 565 in Spain, 49 thousand 197 in Germany, 36 thousand 755 in Switzerland, 28 thousand 834 in France, 24 thousand 513 in Greece and Turkey There are 14 thousand 246 touristic businesses operating in .

More than one-third of the total bed capacity in EU countries is located in Italy and France. Italy stands out as the country with the highest bed capacity in Europe.

The total number of beds is 5 million 120 thousand in Italy, 5 million 59 thousand in France, 3 million 750 thousand in Spain, 3 million 467 thousand in Germany, 1 million 686 thousand in Turkey, 1 million 406 thousand in the Netherlands. , 1 million 86 thousand in Croatia and 1 million 19 thousand in Greece.


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