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The battery of the iPhone 13 mini beats the iPhone SE 3, for the first tests


Releasing its iPhone SE 3 only a few weeks behind, Apple has decided to leave many of the possibilities of the devices in question unchanged compared to what was seen with the last series. However, the giant has made excellent updates regarding the hardware of the devices in question, and has in fact included the A15 Bionic SoC in the jewels that we have already seen in the main series of the iPhone 13 .


Although they therefore aimed at the medium-low range of the market, the devices in question presented themselves with the power of the 13 series, definitely to be envied, but with differences. An experiment on the YouTube platform has in fact highlighted the differences regarding the battery of the devices. In fact, despite a slightly higher resolution of the screens, it has emerged that the iPhone 13 minis have the opportunity to beat the SE 3 in this change.

iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone XR , together with other devices, were the protagonists of the YouTuber Brandon Butch’s test that you can see below, and that the results are exactly what you imagine. In fact, with their battery of only 2018mAh , the SE 3s failed to beat the mini models of the last series, despite a really excellent optimization, which in fact allowed the models in question to last for 5 hours and 16 minutes, less common to almost 6 hours of the iPhone 13 mini.

Obviously, it is good to take the tests with due caution , given that despite the precision with which these were carried out, we are not talking about precise results down to the minute, which in fact, based on the way users use the devices, could change, perhaps reaching in some cases to be able to win even the newly arrived iPhone SE 3.






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