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The authors of Life is Strange reveal the mysterious heir of Vampyr

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a new RPG from Dontnod and Focus Entertainment. Let’s see it closely.

Among the games presented during The Game Awards 2022 and which may have gone a bit quietly, we certainly find Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – and not because the game had no say, but because Keighley’s show agenda is was as always very dense.


Revealed with a first video, this game is made by Dontnod Entertainment (authors of the original  Life is Strange , which you can find on Amazon ) and is produced by the French publisher  Focus Entertainment ( A Plague Tale: Requiem ).

In it, presented as an  action RPG , we will take on the role of  two ghost hunters , known as “Banishers”. Their aim is to rid the world of ghosts and, curiously, the game will allow us to play with both.


Banishers , which according to the publisher wants to «follow the success of Vampyr» – which in fact saw Dontnod and Focus joining forces – recalls in a certain sense the disturbing atmospheres of that title : our two protagonists, who also have a relationship, they find themselves in front of a real drama. Antea, in fact, is killed in the last mission that she faces and turns herself into a spirit – one of those she should hunt down. She thus tries to collaborate with her Red her to understand if and how it is possible to free her from this nightmare.

Players will thus find themselves revealing hidden secrets, digging into the mystery, facing and using supernatural powers and, the authors assure, facing a dense and exciting story. We will be able to gradually decide to  exploit the powers of Antea and combine them with the weapons of Red , to hunt for spirits and free the world of New Eden.


As we act, however, we will have to make decisions that “will have a dramatic impact on the history and destiny of New Eden” , according to the authors. Another element that, you will remember, closely recalls  Vampyr .


“What will you sacrifice of your oath as a ghost hunter when your love has itself become a spirit?” asks Dontnod, who presents us with another big dilemma, after the vampire doctor.

At the moment we don’t yet know exactly when Banishers will arrive, but it is scheduled  for 2023 . Furthermore, the appointment will be fixed only with  PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 .


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