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The Apple Car will debut in 2026, everything we know about price, design and autonomous driving


According to the latest rumors, the first Apple Car could arrive by 2026 and be a little less ‘premium’ than one might expect from a manufacturer like Apple. But let’s be clear right away: it will still be extremely expensive and out of the reach of people with an average income.


The latest advances come from the Bloomberg press agency and in particular from Mark Gurman, a journalist specializing in the behind the scenes of the world of the bitten apple (with a rich agenda of contacts within the company and its suppliers).

According to Gurman, Apple would have chosen to postpone the debut of its first electric car to 2026 and they would have decided not to focus on autonomous driving . Or rather, the first electric car will not have Level 4 or 5 (i.e. complete) autonomous driving, because with current technology it would simply be impossible: it will take many more years than Silicon Valley had imagined.

Obviously, Apple’s car will still have highly sophisticated ADAS and semi-autonomous driving systems in line with the best other premium manufacturers such as Tesla and Mercedes-Benz have to offer. It will certainly have a rich arsenal of LiDAR sensors, radars, cameras and other sensors capable of supporting some form of at least Level 3 autonomous driving.


The platform on which the car will be based is called Denali , like the highest peak in North America, and is designed exclusively for Apple’s car.


Apple has clearly already worked on several concept sketches, but has not yet approved a final design. The company will try to approve the final version of the design by the end of next year.

We then come to the sore point, the price: initially Apple had planned to sell its first electric car for a minimum of 120,000 dollars, only to then decide to aim to offer a starting price lower (but not by much) than 100,000 dollars.



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